Why plan your funeral now?

Increasingly people ask ‘social media’ to fund funerals they have not planned for or unaffordable.  More local authorities have to pick up the bill when those who die have outlived next of kin – and this is a time when local authorities have less funds.

Around 525,000 die each year in the UK – in 2017, there were 533,253 deaths in England and Wales. Only 30% had a pre-booked funeral.

The costs of funerals are increasing ahead of inflation, leaving more families in a tough financial situation at a difficult time. Moreover why leave all the arrangements to your grieving family. Many prefer to have the key details already sorted inn advance. It is the only to be certain your exact wishes will be carried out.

SunLife’s Cost of Dying report (2018) showed that while we all have quite strong ideas about what type of funeral we would like to have, very few of us communicate these ideas to loved ones – 18% didn’t know any of the funeral preferences – just 1% knew all the wishes of the deceased.

Funeral costs have risen every year – if costs continue to rise, the average cost of a basic funeral in 5 years time could be £5,120.

However, 98% of people say they don’t want a lavish funeral, and 31% want their funerals to be as cheap as possible.

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