Jeff MeersManaging Director

Managing Partner
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Funeral Plans.
  • Nottingham University (Hons).
  • Post Graduate courses at the London Business School and Durham University (Harvard).
  • Full Member of the Society of Will Writers.

Jeff Meers is an experienced professional who can visit you and take your instructions in the comfort of your own home. He can help you plan your estate and ensure your Will caters for your needs and in particular will advise you on the new Inheritance Tax laws that started in April 2017. Particularly the new Residence NIL Rate Band.

With years of experience in the field, Jeff has the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to understand your needs and to recommend the most suitable solutions.

Meers Legal London provide advice and a services that many call impeccable. That is our strength compared to other service providers.

Jeff focuses his time on helping people who are in need of Wills, Trust, Lasting Power of Attorney and Funeral Plans.

Jeff was born and bred in London and now lives in Putney.

He enjoys watching cricket, rugby and hockey. He occasionally finds time to paint!


  • UK Inheritance Tax in 2023

    As an experienced Will Writing specialist, the first issue to address is to ensure that you understand the implications of  inheritance tax at 40% on your estate. Inheritance tax is the tax levied on the transfer of assets upon death, and it is important to take steps to minimise the tax burden. Threshold The current

    14th February 2023
  • The latest High Court Battle Over Inheritance

    There has been a dramatic increase over the last 15 years in the number of inheritance disputes reaching the High Court in England and Wales. In 2005, there were just 15 cases brought to the High Court under the Inheritance (Provisions for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, compared to 158 cases in 2016. A recent

    23rd May 2022
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – critical today

    Everybody over eighteen should have a lasting Power of Attorney in place according to official advice.  The document or LPA for short, legally enables your Attorneys to make decisions on your behalf if you lose Mental Capacity. The LPA deals with your Financial, Health and Care decisions while you are alive, Wills deal with your

    29th May 2019

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